Efficient analysis of fluorescent peak intensities in electropherograms

A tool for detecting germline microsatellite instability in mismatch repair-deficient subjects

PeakHeights can quickly and simply determine a parameter called the gMSI ratio, based on alterations in electropherogram profile due to microsatellite instability. This can be used as a high-throughput screen in patients whose clinical picture suggests the possibility of biallelic mutations in one of the mismatch repair genes such as PMS2 or MSH2.

PeakHeights is also a flexible and powerful general tool for determining signal intensities of selected peaks within ABI electropherograms and exporting them into spreadsheets for easy manipulation. Large batches of samples can be processed at once.

PeakHeights was written by Ian Carr. It runs on Microsoft Windows, using the .NET 2.0 framework.

Documentation and download

The User Guide illustrates the capabilities and method of use of PeakHeights.

Download the PeakHeights program.