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Thank you for your interest in PeakHeights. New functionality for this program is still under development, so the available download will be periodically updated. Please send any suggestions or bug notifications to Ian.


PeakHeights is tested on Windows XP SP2 and Vista SP1. The .NET framework 2.0 must be installed. (Available via Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Centre.)

Date HTTP Byte Size MD5 checksum Comments and changes
28-03-2018 Download 69,855 Show This version allows the sample peaks to be hidden while selecting the size markers.
08-04-2013 Download 69,855 Show This version now contains the genescan 400 size marker set.
15-01-2011 Download 69,855 Show This version handles none standard display setting better than previous versions.
20-07-2012 Download 69,855 Show This version can calculate gMSI ratios to identify patients with possible defective mismatch repair pathway.
11-11-2009 Download 68,429 Show Adds an option to display an x-axis background grid at 1-nt intervals.
16-09-2009 Download 68,024 Show This version has improved error handling.
29-08-2009 Download 67,963 Show A new version that is better able to analyse poor quality run files.
19-06-2009 Download 67,623 Show An updated version that works better with large data sets
28-08-2008 Download 68,745 Show The first release version of PeakHeights.

Example data

Example data from both normal and MMR-D patients can be downloaded from here: Normal individuals and Affected MMR-D patients