Illuminator data extractor


Illuminator Reference Files

The current versions of these programs are listed on the top row of each table below. The documentation (HTML user guide) for Illuminator can be found here and for the accessory programs here and here.

The programs are currently tested only on Windows XP SP2/3 and Vista SP1. The .NET framework 2.0 must be installed. (Available through Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Centre.) No installation is required: simply run the programs from the directory into which they are extracted.

Please mail Ian Carr with queries or comments.

Illuminator download

Date HTTP Byte Size Comments and changes
2011 Apr 19 Download 101,229 This version allows the alignment mode to be adjusted.
2011 Jan 19 Download 98,568 Corrects an error when trying to read very short read lengths
2010 Nov 08 Download 98,558 This version allows the automated analysis of multiple reference sequences against a set of sequence reads.
2010 Aug 13 Download 96,484 Removes a bug that stops the program exporting SNP data when using sequence data from a "dref" file.
2009 Dec 10 Download 96,116 This version corrects a problem with spurious mutation calls at the ends of PCR products.
2009 Nov 10 Download 96,063 Removes a bug introduced in the last revision.
2009 Nov 05 Download 96,089 This version has a further improved indel annotation function.
2009 Oct 29 Download 93,340 This version should resolve an error working with longer read length and annotation of deletions in the cDNA sequence.
2009 Oct 26 Download 94,867 This version is better at annotating insertions and deletions.
2009 Aug 14 Download 93,006 This version corrects the calling of the aa numbering of a sequence variant that alters the protein sequence.
2009 Jul 09 Download 93,049 Illuminator now exports the read depth for each variant
2009 Apr 28 Download 91,414 Preview version of Illuminator.

Illuminator data extractor download

Date HTTP Byte Size Comments and changes
2011 Jan 19 Download 26,512 Corrects a problem when removing certain tags
2010 Nov 08 Download 26,498 Allows both '*qseq.txt' and '*seq.txt' data files to be extracted
2009 Apr 28 Download 26,066 Preview version of Illuminator data extractor.

Illuminator Reference Files download

Date HTTP Byte Size Comments and changes
2011 Apr 19 Download 35,420 Preview version of Illuminator Reference Files

Also available for download is a bundle of data files, used for the examples given in the Illuminator online guide.