The current version of Phaser is listed on the top row of the table below. The documentation (HTML user guide) can be found here.

Phaser is currently tested only on Windows XP SP2/3 and Vista SP1. The .NET framework 2.0 must be installed. (Available through Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Centre.) No installation is required: simply run the Phaser program from the directory into which it is extracted.

Please mail Ian Carr with queries or comments on Phaser.

Date HTTP Byte Size MD5 checksum Comments and changes
2013-Apr-08 Download 11,031 Show This version highlights the base position of the cursor when placed over the graphical display and also shows the name of a highlighted gene.
2011-Nov-03 Download 51,150 Show This version allows the use of data that does not contain information on all the chromosomes.
2011-Oct-06 Download 11,031 Show This version of Phaser allows 10K SNP data to be analysed by using a cut off value of 25. However we strongly suggest that high density SNP data sets are used.
2009-May-28 Download 51,150 Show Preview version of Phaser.

Also available for download is a bundle of sample genotype files (*.xls) (103Mb), which are used for the examples given in the online guide. These files were annotated using SNP6Annotator using the genotype files created by Affymetrix Genotyping Console