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AutoSNPa will be periodically updated: please send suggestions to Ian.

The data files used in the paper can be downloaded here, while the user guide is here.

Installation is not required: simply run from the extracted AutoSNPa directory.

AutoSNPa is currently tested only on Windows XP SP2 and Vista SP1. The .NET framework 2.0 (or 1.1 for older versions) must be installed. (Available via Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Centre.)


If you are using Affymetrix SNP5 or SNP6 genotype data, or data extracted by the Genotyping Console version 2 or above, the files must either be exported with each SNP's position, chromosome, RS name and Affymetrix ID data or be annotated using SNPannotator.

Date HTTP Byte Size MD5 checksum Comments and changes
2012-Nov-28 Download 124,962 Show This version allows data to be imported from the 'birdseed' text files as long as they contain each SNP's position, chromosome, RS name and Affymetrix ID data.
2012-Oct-16 Download 124,459 Show This version highlighs unaffected individuals that also share an homozygous haplotype that is also common to all the affected individuals.
2012-Oct-15 Download 122,341 Show This version checks that genotype files have not been entered twice. The program also displays the patient's data filename, if no display name has been entered for the patient.
2011-Aug-04 Download 271,900 Show This version allows the user to ignore heterozygous SNP in long homozygous runs.

Older versions of the program are available on request.