AutoSNPa heterozygous SNPs view

Visual analysis of SNP data for autozygosity mapping

Autozygosity mapping of recessive diseases in consanguineous families is conveniently performed using high-density SNP arrays. Data analysis is the rate-limiting step for such projects.

AutoSNPa presents Affymetrix SNP data graphically, in a colour-coded fashion that allows the rapid identification of autozygous chromosomal regions.

Step-by-step guide explaining in detail all the capabilities of AutoSNPa.

Download the current version of AutoSNPa.

AutoSNPa was written by Ian Carr. It runs on Microsoft Windows, using the .NET framework.

Citation: Carr IM, Flintoff K, Taylor GR, Markham AF & Bonthron DT (2006). Interactive visual analysis of SNP data for rapid autozygosity mapping in consanguineous families. Human Mutation, 27: 1041-6.

Please note:

(a) If you wish to use data extracted by the current version of the Affymetrix Genotyping Console, you must reformat the files using SNPannotator.

(b) If you need to use AutoSNPa with Illumina SNP data, you may want to look here for file conversion information.