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The current version of IBDfinder is listed on the top row of the table below. The documentation (HTML user guide) can be accessed here.

Earlier preview versions of IBDfinder are also listed. The original version of the zip archive download contained the IBDfinder executable and the original PDF version of the feature guide. Updates to the feature guide were included separately in later bundles. (These updates have now been incorporated into the online HTML version of the guide.)

IBDfinder is currently tested only on Windows XP SP2 and Vista SP1. The .NET framework 2.0 must be installed. (Available through Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Centre.) Installation of IBDfinder is not required: simply run the program from the directory into which it is extracted.

Please mail Ian Carr with queries or comments on IBDfinder.


If you are using Affymetrix SNP5 or SNP6 genotype data, or data extracted by the Genotyping Console version 2 or above, the files must either be exported with each SNP's position, chromosome, RS name and Affymetrix ID data or be annotated using SNPannotator.

Date HTTP Byte Size MD5 checksum Comments and changes
2012-Nov-28 Download 62344 Show This version allows data to be imported from the 'birdseed' text files as long as they contain each SNP's position, chromosome, RS name and Affymetrix ID data.
2010-Nov-25 Download 62344 Show IBDFinder correctly displays the genetic distances units.
2009-Feb-05 Download 62351 Show This version fixes a bug and now draws a red line to indicate the maximum IBD score on the lower panel (instead of yellow, which was hard to see).
2008-Nov-20 Download 62362 Show This version contains new features to aid data analysis.
2008-Jul-28 Download 58052 Show New version which corrects a bug that prevented it from loading files with missing chromosomes.
2008-Jun-02 Download 234716 Show This version of IBDFinder has been rewritten to allow more efficient use of memory and is both quicker and has a larger capacity than before. The user interface remains the same.
2007-Nov-27 Download 228943 Show New version which allows comparison between patient and control data
—bundle includes guide to new features.
2007-Apr-03 Download 716378 Show First available preview of IBDfinder
—program and PDF feature guide.

Additional data files (a zipped bundle of thirteen 50k HindIII SNP data files as described in the IBDfinder paper) can be downloaded here.