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Thank you for your interest in MethylViewer. New functionality for this programme is still under development, so the available download will be periodically updated. Please send any suggestions or bug notifications to Ian.

MethylViewer interactive grid


Installation is not required: simply run from the extracted MethylViewer directory.

MethylViewer is currently tested only on Windows XP SP2 and SP3 and Vista SP1. The .NET framework 2.0 must be installed. (Available via Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Centre.)

Date HTTP Byte Size MD5 checksum Comments and changes
2012-Mar-28 Download 259,855 Show The version corrects an error when stating the conversion efficency for sequences with no dCs not in a methlyation site.
2011-Dec-15 Download 259,727 Show This version corrects a bug when analysing a pre-aligned fasta file and a methylation point occurs 1 bp after the alignment ends. This version also allows images to be saved as PowerPoint slides, but the two *.dll files (also in the zip file) must be in the same folder as the program to use this feature.
2010-Dec-08 Download 140,956 Show The version corrects an error when resizing the interface when showing more than 75 sequence traces and a second error when re-analysing an alignment.
2010-Jun-3 Download 135,637 Show This version allows alignments to be re-analysed against a different set for methylation sites without the need to re-extract the data.
2010-May-5 Download 135,609 Show The version corrects an error when analysing reverse complement sequences which have gaps in their alignment with the reference sequence.
2010-Apr-8 Download 130,198 Show This version corrects methylation site numbering in the text data export function.
2010-Feb-15 Download 132,714 Show Minor cosmetic changes
2009-Aug-12 Download 132,235 Show New version with corrected labelling issues
2009-Jul-16 Download 132,226 Show First published version.

Example data

Also available for download is a bundle of the test sample sequence files (*.ab1), which are used in the manuscript.