Dominant showing a region on Chromosome 7

DominantMapper is a method for identifying linkage to dominant genes in a single pedigree where there is SNP data for at least one pair of parents (one of whom is affected). Linkage information is then extrapolated from the genotypes of their affected and unaffected children as well as other affected relatives.

A manuscript for DominantMapper is currently in preparation

Feature guide

A “walk-through” explanation, with screenshots, of DominantMapper usage:

HTML guide


The download page currently offers a preview version of the DominantMapper program and some sample data files, used in the examples shown in the online Guide.

The DominantMapper program has been written by Ian Carr. It is still undergoing testing, and any feedback on its features or performance would be very welcome.



Carr IM, Johnson CA, Markham AF, Tomes C, Bonthron DT, Sheridan EG. DominantMapper: Rule-based analysis of SNP data for rapid mapping of dominant diseases in related nuclear families.
Hum Mutat. 2011 Dec;32(12):1359-66.