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Thank you for your interest in CpGviewer. New functionality for this programme is still under development, so the available download will be periodically updated. Please send any suggestions or bug notifications to Ian.

CpG display grid


The zipped file bundle comprises programme, sample data files and documentation. Installation is not required: simply run from the extracted CpGviewer directory.

CpGviewer is currently tested only on Windows XP SP2. The .NET framework 2.0 must be installed. (Available via Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Centre.)

Date HTTP Byte Size MD5 checksum Comments and changes
2011-Apr-06 Download 2176819 Show Correction of bug reported by Aditi Kantipuly where CpGViewer mislabeled the number of methylated and unmethylated dinucleotides.
2010-Dec-8 Download 2175195 Show Adjusted the creation of Powerpoint files to allow for use of PowerPoint 2008, plus updated a number of features.
2007-Oct-25 Download 2176819 Show Correction of bug reported by Kevin Hollevoet concerning miscalling close to gaps in the alignment.
2007-Sept-13 Download 2175774 Show Improved sequence alignment.
2007-Jun-23 Download 2176839 Show New option to add labels to exported graphics.
2007-Apr-12 Download 2120272 Show First published version.